Dr. Moonje Institute
of Management & Computer Studies, Nashik

College Development Committee

Sr.No Post Name
1 Chairperson of the management or his nominee ex-officio Chairperson Dr. Ajit Bhandakkar
Chairman, Dr. Moonje Institute, Nashik
2 Secretary of the management or his nominee Shri. Milind Vaidya Secretary, C.H.M.E.S., Nashik Division, Nashik
3 one head of department, to be nominated by the principal or the head of the institution Dr. Nitin Chaudhari
4 three teachers in the college or recognized institution, elected by the full-time amongst themselves out of whom at least one shall be woman 1.Prof. Smt. Swati Lakhalgaonkar
2.Prof. Smt. Shital Gujarathi
3.Dr. Niraj Chaudhari
5 one non-teaching employee, elected by regular non-teaching staff from amongst themselves
Shri. Ramesh Thakare
6 four local members, nominated by the management in consultation with the principal, from the fields of education, industry, research and social service of whom at least one shall be alumnus 1. Shri. Rushikesh Joshi
2.Group Cap. Vinayak Deodhar
3.Shri. Girish Pagare
4. Dr. Omprakash Kulkarni
5. Shri. Dhananjay Jakhadi
6. Shri. Nilesh Muleyr
7. Smt. Patwardhan Dhanalaxmi (Alumnus)
7 Co-ordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Committee of the college Prof. Smt. Shital Gujarathi
8 President and Secretary of the College Students' Council President of the College Students' Council, DMI
Secretary of the College Students' Council, DMI
9 Principal of the college or head of the institution Member-Secretary Dr. Preeti Kulkarni
>> Various Committee 2023-24 
>> 2 Establishment of Anti Ragging Committee 
>> 3 Establishment of Grievance Redressal Committee 
>> 4 Establishment of Internal Committee IC 
>> 5 Establishment of Committee For SCST
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>> Grievance Redressal_Minutes_Meeeing
>> SC_ST_Grievance_Minutes_Action_Taken
>> Scan Minority OBC Grievance Committee