Placement Committee (A.Y. 2022-23)

Sr. No.    Placement Core Committee ( A.Y. 2022-23)
 1  Mr. Rahul Vaidya Chairman, DMIMCS
 2  Dr. Preeti Kulkarni Director,DMIMCS
 3  Mr. Laxmikant P. Narkhede  Training & Placement Officer
 4  Ms.Kirti Bhalerao Assistant T&P
 5  Mayuresh Kiran Chandratre Student Representative(MBA)

Placement committee Members_Student Council (SPC and JPC) 2022-2023
 Sr. No. Name  Position
 1  Mayuresh Kiran Chandratre President
 2  Muskan Rajesh Chauhan Vice- president
 3  Manasee S.Bitode Vice President-Support senior member
 4  Damini Sunil Patil Secretary
 5  Anuja Sukdev Salve Maven Talk Ambessodor
 6  Sakshi R.Agarwal Batch Head
 7  Yash Nitin Kulkarni Technical Head
 8  Prafulla Vinod Patil Technical Support senior member
 9  Hritik N. Mishra Technical Executive Support Junior member
 10  Ravindra Vijay Adhav Treasurer Head
 11  Rutuja Hemant Diwan Treasure Support senior member
 12  Tanuj D. Lonare Treasure Support senior member

Mr.Laxmikant Narkhede

Training and Placement Officer [email protected]

Ms.Kirti Bhalerao

Member [email protected]